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What usually causes medication errors to happen?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2024 | Medical Malpractice

Medication errors can seriously wreck the health and mental peace of a person. These errors, unfortunately, occur with alarming frequency and can lead to serious consequences.

Understanding the root causes of these errors is important for patients.

Complex medication regimens

One of the primary contributors to medication errors is the complexity of medication regimens. Patients, especially those with chronic conditions, may take multiple medications with varying dosages and schedules. In a busy healthcare setting, healthcare professionals may make mistakes when managing and administering these medicines.

Communication mixups

Good communication is important in healthcare, but sometimes things can get mixed up. The source could be a doctor’s hard-to-read handwriting, unclear instructions or problems passing information between healthcare workers. Miscommunication can happen at any step, leading to mistakes and patients at risk for malpractice.

Lack of standardization

Every hospital might do things a little differently, and that can cause problems. If there are no set rules for how to give out medicine, it can create confusion for the healthcare workers taking care of patients. This confusion can ultimately lead to medication mistakes.

Computer issues

Doctors use computers in healthcare to keep track of patient records, but sometimes they can cause issues. Problems with how people design the computer programs, or trouble getting different programs to work together, can lead to medical errors for patients. Making these computer systems easier to use and making sure they work well together is important.

Medication errors are a continual challenge in the healthcare landscape, and they often create confusion and stress for patients. This subsequently increases the instances of medical malpractice claims.