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Unfortunately, nursing home abuse has become so prevalent in this country that it has resulted in a practice area for many legal professionals. This type of abuse that occurs to our most vulnerable citizens is inexcusable. Statistics show that nursing home abuse occurs to as many as 5 million individuals every year.

Studies have reported that up 24% of nursing home residents experience at least one type of abuse. The older an individual is, the more vulnerable they become to various types of abuse in long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities and other adult care facilities in this country. It is also a fact that many instances of nursing home abuse go unreported so the real numbers are not known.

If your family member has suffered some type of abuse in any kind of elder facility, you may have grounds for an injury claim. At Weston Smith Law, PLLC, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of the elderly living out their lives in such facilities and will work zealously on their behalf. Under no circumstances should these individuals suffer any type of misconduct from caregivers and medical staff upon whom they are dependent.

Abuse Is More Than Just Violence

A resident in a nursing home or other caregiving facility for the elderly can suffer various types of abuse, including:

  • Physical abuse, such as hitting, slapping, punching, pushing, shoving, kicking, using objects to cause injury or restraining the resident with some type of physical or chemical restraint that immobilizes. It can show up as bruises, lacerations, broken bones, over-medicating and other physical injuries.
  • Actual physical neglect shows up as bed sores, weight loss, dehydration, lack of hygiene and injuries caused by slip-and-fall accidents.
  • Emotional, psychological, or verbal abuse can cause fear or emotional or mental distress or trauma. This can be done through threats, isolation, insults, name-calling, or the use of overbearing restrictions against such actions as using the phone, speaking, making requests and more.
  • Sexual abuse, which involves knowing and intentional violation against the resident through unwanted sexual activity. This activity can range from unwanted touching or groping to rape. It can lead to both physical and emotional damage and may be perpetrated on residents who are both cognizant and those that are not.
  • Financial abuse, wherein the resident is exploited or manipulated by another for financial gain. This can be accomplished through forgery of documents, theft of possessions, money, or personal financial statements, gaining trust so as to deceive the victim into gaining financial control or misusing a Power of Attorney. This can lead to the loss of income and savings needed by the resident for future care.

Nursing home abuse is generally committed by those staffers who have direct care and responsibility for the resident, such as aides and other various levels of nursing home staff. However, it can also be done by other residents or even visitors to the facility. Nursing home administrative staff can additionally commit forms of abuse despite the fact that they do not interact directly on a daily basis with residents. This can be done through financial manipulation or through withholding information from residents or their family members or failing to respond to requests or concerns.

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If you suspect that your family member has suffered any type of abuse or neglect in an elder care facility, you should discuss it with the administrator of the facility as soon as possible. If you do not get satisfaction there, you may have grounds for a claim of abuse or injury that could result in civil or even criminal penalties against the perpetrator or the facility. At Weston Smith Law, PLLC, we will do everything possible to see that your claim leads to the justice your loved one deserves.

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